Videos Triumph T POKEMON GTA 2


GAME - Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas OK! OK! Let's move on! OK! If we're together, we'll be all right OK! Though the winds are changing OK! That dream will not! Up until now we've been going on in a daze And though we hadn't noticed The key to the door to the new world is In getting something unknown GOLDEN SMILE & SILVER TEARS Delight and frustration Are always changing faces And giving strength to everyone OK! Follow me! OK! If we cry out in triumph, we can't lose! OK! Even if we break through the wall OK! This journey won't end! Though I had begun to give up There was no reason for me to The morning sun burning brightly on my journey Asks me, "That much is fine, right?" GOLDEN SUN & SILVER MOON The sun and the moon Are always changing faces And protecting everyone So then... OK! Swallow your fear OK! A prideful move, "Bravado!" OK! Though I don't know their names or voices They are waiting for me! I will face them someday! Let's go! OK! Let's open the next door! OK! A prideful move, "Recklessness!" OK! We cry and laughed together My comrades are with me! I believe in them! OK!!



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